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sofloclubs|1October 072015

Affiliation, Partnerships, Promotions

Strip Club JOBS Affiliation, Partnerships, Promotions

Chelsea with great news and opportunities for dancers around the Nation.

I'm excited to announce that I am expanding the network and would love to have few of you ladies on board with me. I am looking for retired, pregnant, or even working dancers to help Me promoting dancers, writing on this websites blogs, sharing your experiences with present clubs or any traveled strip club that you have visited or worked in.

Promoters: @SoFloClubs I want to connect with few to promote, simply refers other dancers to the website making sure you get referenced by the new dancers.

Web Writers: This website can use a few good writers, You will be allowed to write on any topic into Your blog, which will be displayed in the websites BLOG Section.

I understand that everyone might have their own specific needs contact me with a proposal on what you will like to exchane or call me with ideas you have and lets see if You to can be part of the behind the scenes @SoFloClubs.

Register and get Paid

Thank You in Advance