What experience do you need?

I am young, and really wanting to start into this industry. I have a background of gymnastics, cheerleading and horse back riding so I am flexible. I love pole dancing and the strength, flexibility and balance in it. I haven't taken classes yet but was wondering if clubs would provide training for their dancers if they see potential. Thank you

If You are older than 18 you can dance in almost any club. With your background it should fairly easy to pick on the moves or routines, however it will depend on your attitude how far you can go.

Many clubs do not provide the training or use of their poles for practice purposes. However many can't deny you the use of the pole while on shift..

I personally used the clubs poles to practice simply go in on slow hours and that should give you enough time daily to get better with time. If You find yourself needing more time or want to practice a routine you can find many studious that will train & provide a practice pole for not much money.

** About the experience, the one big thing you will need is 150% confidence. Before any dance moves or pole tricks, the ability to approach men/women while half nude in a club and not be ashamed or insecure is the MOST Important thingy you will need on your first few night from their is basically watch & learn from other dancers.