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sofloclubs|1May 232017

What happens if this is just NOT for Me?

This is a question that has been asked many times and now is time to get an answer...

As everyone knows We arrange & buy your travel to Florida, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and few other locations.. We purchase your airfares even your luggage fees some times, not to mention that we have few times paid for a Taxi/Uber to get a handful of dancers to the airport!

We go out of our way most of the time convincing Strip Club owners / Managers to hire You even though if it's going agaist the grain & all RED Flags say Not to hire you..

We believe in giving chances & building your brand! But We are NOT Liable for your attitude, your willingness, your persona. Every person radiates a self being to everyone that they come in contact with. We can not be held responsible if you DO NOT do your 1000% after all that has been invested into your growth.

TO take a chance from a dancer that would love to have the opportunity to STAND OUT & give her 1000% is NOT cool..

Exotic Dancing / Stripping is NOT for everyone.. This is a JOB that really has NOTHING to do with BEAUTY even if many don't thinks so..

Exotic dancers / Strippers make money because they are PEOPLE person.. They know how to work their TIME for Cash..

To rap this rant up.. if You in it just to SEE if You can do it please don't This is a CAREER move... It's You making a BRAND for yourself.. YOU must beleive in YOU first before anyone else..  Have the urge to be FAMOUS & the courage to BE you always proud of Who you are!

Question: If You come out & NO club is good enough for You, After You here You start to let us know all The things YOU Do NOT Do, You become defeated & express outwards wishing to be back in your home...

Solution: You can always call a relative to get you HOME, You can LEAVE & find you own way HOME, We are NO way Liable to PAY for YOU to go back HOME after we just invested money GETTING You here in the first place!

Conclucion: NEVER Leave Home with out a back up plan.. Always have your own money before you travel.. DO not tell lies to your folks incase you need them if all fails for You.


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