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Dear STRAIGHTALK, I want to be a stripper. Any advice?

To future colleagues:
A few girls have written me asking me questions about stripping. There was so much to say, so I figured I’d write this page as a resource for those girls and others who may want to know. I apologize if it sounds a bit preachy but I do hope you get a lot from it!

Ask yourself, why do you want to be a stripper? The money, the be more social, to meet new people, to get out of your comfort zone, build confidence, something fun to do? 

If you are doing it for the money, develop a budget that includes a savings plan! Now you won’t know how much you are making until you start working but create a financial wish list. Figure out your monthly bills, then figure out how much you want to put towards your debt, your savings, tuition, your kids savings account, etc. Defining your goals before you start your new job will help you stick to your goals and stay true to yourself.

If you’re doing this job to be social, meet new people, get out of your comfort zone, build confidence or just for fun be careful of who you associate yourself with! Every club has it’s fun, sparkley, super happy fun side. But with that also comes it’s dark, scary, horrible side. Pimps, drugs, alcohol, violence are some of the more unsavory sides of a strip club. Stay away from these things as much as possible!

Pimps troll the clubs looking for weak women to make part of their stable. They will spend money on you, make you feel special and maybe even make you think they are your boyfriend. But anybody who starts asking you for money, has a lot of girls hanging around them but never seems to go to work is someone you need to stay away from. Also, don’t date anyone who asks you for money! You have to worry about you!

As far as drugs and alcohol, stay away! A healthy stripper is a productive happy stripper. Using drugs or alcohol doesn’t keep you healthy. And if you need either of these just to be a stripper, you shouldn’t be stripping. 

Let me repeat that: If you need to use drugs or alcohol to be a stripper do not be a stripper. If you start out doing drugs and alcohol just to do the job, you are only going to use more and more. Before you know it, most the money you make will go towards drugs or alcohol, you’ll be far less physically attractive and risk loosing your job! So don’t do it. If you are going to use either one of these substances, know your limit! There is nothing tackier than a stripper high or drunk wandering the floor looking for money. They also give other strippers a bad name!

Violence and sex are also very prevalent in the strip club. Obviously, some clubs are worse than others. Girls fight, customers fight with girls, customers fight with bouncers, girls fight bouncers. Sometimes management and dancers have sex with other dancers, other management or customers. Stay out of this madness, it’ll only jeopardize your job and money.

Learn to keep to yourself and use your judgment as to who you want to get to know.

Now, I don’t tell you all this to scare you, I tell you this so you are aware! 

Also determine whether or not you want to be an “in” stripper or an “out” stripper. From this blog you can tell that I’m an “in” stripper. Be mindful of who you tell, who they know and what you want for yourself in the future. 

How to get started
Go to the clubs you’d be interested in dancing. When you go in don’t be afraid to tell the door person, “Hey, I’m here to check out the club. Mind if I look around?”. (In my experience, Las Vegas is the only place you can’t do this. You must attend as a customer, and they may not allow you to enter the club as a single girl. The biggest worry is that you maybe a prostitute.) When you visit, find a someone to about the club. Ask about any licenses that you need or laws to be aware of. Also ask about auditioning, schedules, house fees, etc. If you are too sheepish to do this in person, give the club a call!

When you go to visit a club, look as HOT as possible. Since this is your first contact with the club you want to make a good impression, even if you don’t end up working there. The better you look, the more people who work there will want to talk to you. Also, try to go in during the day when the club isn’t busy. You’re more likely to find someone to talk to you.

Auditioning: this is the interview process for strippers. Usually they have you get on stage in your outfit, do a set and then decide from there. Some places just ask you to get into a two-piece outfit and decide. Just depends on the club.

Licenses: Some cities require that exotic entertainers go through a background check and charge you a fee to do it. In my experience they are called Sheriffs cards because you have to go to a police station, fill out an application and then you get approved or disapproved. In some cities you have to renew your card every year, but in other cities like Las Vegas, its every 5 years. Some cities also require you to get a business license, since you will be an independent contractor. This is typically an annual cost. 

House fees aka cover, base, pay out: This is the fee you pay to work every night. Think of it as a fee you pay to use your sheriffs card to work. This could range, it could depend on what time and day you work. In some clubs you may not pay a house fee but you could pay for a portion of your dances, or maybe they do both!

How Strippers Make Money
A lot of how strippers make money depends on the city you live and the club you work at. Cities have different laws to regulate strip clubs and each club has it’s own policies. Be sure to find out what laws and policies are in effect at your club!

Strippers are either employees with schedules and a wage or independent contractors. When you are an independent contractor you are officially a small business meaning you are responsible for filing taxes, saving for retirement and managing all other expenses all on your own! However, even though your an independent contractor many clubs will still treat your like an employee; telling you what days you have to work or what times you can come in.

This goes without saying, but the hotter you are the better shifts you’ll get. So get hot!! But also remember hiring managers at a strip club also kind of weird about who they give shifts to. Say a manager likes to hire blondes with big tits, thin black girls or only wants short Asian and Latina girls…all this factors into what shift you may get. How you present yourself and treat other people will factor into what shift you get. 

When it comes to making money, a dancer’s income comes from lap dances, stage tips and sometimes from drink or bottle sales. Personally, I’ve never worked at a club where I received commission from drink or bottle sales, but I do know that this occurs in clubs across the country. 

Lap dances can occur on the floor or in a VIP room, they generally cost $10 to $20 and are usually 2 to 4 minutes in length. Depending on what city or club you are in, they could be a bikini dance where you keep your top on, topless or full nude. Champagne rooms is where a customer can get a bit more privacy with a dancer by paying for her time. Again, depending on the city or club you are in, you can buy 15, 30, or 60 minutes at a time. This could range in price as well, anywhere from $100 for 15 minutes to $700, $800 or $1000 per hour!  

As far as stage performances go, some clubs are more stage centric than others. What I mean by that is that the majority of what you make will come from your stage sets. 

Whatever you make you are required to tip out. Tipping out means you give the DJ, bouncers and sometimes the floor manager 10% or more of what you make on a shift. To be a top earner some girls tip out 20% to 30% of what they make so bounces and management will pair them with the best customers. Remember, stripping is a business. The better relationships you have with the staff the better off you are!

How much a dancer makes depends on so much! The club, the time of year, the how good at the job you are, how often you work, etc. Some dancers make $30,000 to $40,000 a year. Others dancers can expect to make $50,000 to $75,000 a year. Top dancers make $100,000 or more a year. That’s the beauty of this job, you get almost as much as you put in. 

If you are looking for information or a resource on exactly how to sell dances, or hustle, you may want to check out Strip and Grow Rich. I wrote a letter about SGR, which is online strippers sales program which has been very helpful to me. 

Stripper Laws
I cannot emphasize enough that each club, city, county, region, state has different law regulating strip clubs! These laws can range from whether or not clubs can serve liquor, whether customers can bring in their own boozes, when the club closes or opens. They can also regulate whether or not girls give bikini dances, topless dances or full nude dances. Just be aware and find out what’s happening in your club. Also be mindful that police do come into clubs every now and again. Follow the laws so you don’t have to catch a case!

Stripper Wellness
It takes a lot to be hot. So please take care of yourself. Workout, eat well, reward yourself emotionally by surrounding yourself with people who love you! All these things will help you have a long and happy stripping career.

Exit Plan
From your pre-planning you should know what your goals are for your stripping career.

Remember, stripping is a job. Use it as a tool to get to where you want to go in life. Stripping is not a career. A career is something you can do forever, stripping simply isn’t.

Your best years are probably going to be from 18 to 30. Before 18 it’s probably illegal in most states. And it you start at 18 and stop when you’re 30, that’s 12 years which in stripper time is like a lifetime. Some dancers can make it this long or even longer but you’ll never know until you get there.  

There are strippers dancing well into their 30s even in their early 40s. But depending on when you started, how long you’ve been dancing and how well your body holds up, you just may not want to do it for more than a few years. 

With that said you have a solid 12 years to make good money. What do you want to use it for? Your education, investment property, a business, travel, your kids? 
Make an exit plan, adjust if need be but be mindful of it!

Feel free to send me a message if you may more questions.

Hope I’ve helped!