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sofloclubs|1August 022015

Learn on how we help the adult industry by bringing dancers to Florida strip clubs!

Welcome to SoFloClubs JOBS

Specializing in relocating dancers into many South Florida Strip Clubs. But we don't just relocate You our services includes pickup from airports, accomoditions, transport to / from work and all auditions. We go as far as to setting up the auditions for You, leaving You the dancer free to just worrying about Your makeup, hair, and attitude.

Through out time I have come to learn that when a dancer is stress-less, not having to push or pull to get to an audition not to even mention work, it simplifies the dancers day letting You focus on Your performance and/or routine allowing You to concentrate on making Your money.

My name is Chelsea I'm a semi-retired dancer, today I only go back into the club when I get a dancer that has never danced before and needs some help breaking outta the shell. I go and give her support, show her the ropes and even sometimes we create a duo.. dancing can be hard or easy all depends on you and the ability to have confidence with yourself while nude dancing.

Having some one in your corner from start to finish is very well needed some times even though you might think it's a crowded place in a dancers world You will be surprised to how lonely it can become in a hotel room!

My services are for those dancers who like to plan, for those dancers that MAIN focus is to make money be saving where ever possible. 

If you can use help finding a club in Florida, or the hotels are to expensive or becomeing to expensive, or maybe you just need a friend down here in the Hollywood Florida area. Sign up and I will be calling you within 24 hours usually.

Meet You inside xxx

Chelsea @SoFloClubs