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sofloclubs|1August 122015

Pole Dancing As A Fitness Routine

It sounds pretty silly to me as I write this, but in the 11 years I have been dancing, I just learned my second pole trick in 10 years. Why did I refrain from learning more you might ask?

Back in the day, I learned how to climb the pole quite easily with the help of big black patent leather knee high boots. I would flip upside down, pause, then dismount into the splits. One particular time landing into the splits, the heel of my stiletto (no boots this time) hit the floor and broke off flying into a customer. I had to limp over to the rack, take off both my shoes and finish the set barefoot. I was out $60 for a new pair of shoes. To seal the deal, as I watched other girls do this same move, I noticed that their butts would look distorted due to the pole grabbing their skin. It was very unattractive. I never did that move again for fear that my butt would look hideous!

Since I began making pole dance jewelry, I have been watching hundreds of pole dance videos. Jenyne Butterfly by far makes pole dancing elegant and is my inspiration to try it.

So one day last week, the club was less than busy, and I began messing around on the pole. The gal who was on a satellite stage proceeded to show me how to do the Pixie Spin.

Using YouTube videos for instruction I went on to learn 3 more tricks: back stag spin, sun wheel, and the fan kick. I got a bit banged up but got a great workout. And bonus, I also made $30 just messing around on my stages. *thumbs up*