Caribbean Strip Clubs

Dancers, keep in mind that there is (3) Strip Clubs on this island, owned by two different types of club owners. We have tried to explain it the best we could. Club 1 & Club 2 is one owner and Club 3 is the other owner. hope this helps.

1. Club will pay up to $400.00 usd for Your travel if you work over 4 weeks contract. 

2. Island is part of USA - no exotic dancer visas or dancer work permits needed if you are from USA or have US visa. 

3. Shared hotel accommodation provided near beaches. 

4. Club fees lodging = Club 1 - Club 2, & Club 3

5. Private dances - bikini style & topless NOTE: these establishments are not NUDE

6. VIP Champagne room dances = Club 1- Club 2, & Club 3

7. Work 5 days per week- 2 days off (one day Closed) ; go by dancer schedule to keep things organised. 

8. We are only interested in ladies who are willing to work. Well groomed ladies, with good figures from ages 20 yrs to 30 yrs who don't have emotional or dependency (drug) problems. No alcoholics & drug addicts. Dancers on prescription meds should not work here due to alcohol consumption involved- not a safe mix. 

9. We have a very diverse & international clientele; locals, tourists; mainly black & caucasian. Customers come from America, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe & South America. 

10. Booking depends on hotel room being available; sometimes we are full so check with Chelsea. Do not book flight without being confirmed so that you don't get stuck with no place to stay. It's hard to find lodging here. 

11. Club is small & usually have around 6- 12 dancers working here. 

12. Dancers must speak fluent English. 

13. We require at least 2 outfit changes per night. Hair & makeup to be done at all times. Sexy dancing outfits, bootie shorts, cocktail dresses & bikini's with wraps are worn here. Stiletto heels are a must. 

Note: Ladies are not allowed to leave with customers outside the club. No rides to & from the club with customers to or from lodging. This is for the safety of all staying at the hotel. A ride to & from work is provided. 

We need dancers to come out in the day (1 or 2 days a week) to help do promotions. All ladies participate; it helps you earn more money. Just hand out cards & smile.

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