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sofloclubs|1August 272016

Dancers as Independent Contractors: Good or Bad?

There have been several court cases involving the issue of strippers being mis-classified as independent contractors. In deciding whether the dancers are employees or independent contractors, the courts typically use an "economic reality" test, which contains the following factors:

Does the club exercise significant control over the dancers (for hours and scheduling)?
Does the club dictate how long they were required to dance versus be on a break?
Does the club require dancers to comply with various rules that were enforced with fines for violations?

Are the clubs in the wrong? Probably. Are some dancers not happy? Probably? Do the MAJORITY of dancers want to be classified as employees? Probably not. It's an interesting debate. Though the clubs likely are guilty of mis-classification of the dancers, the system currently in place seems to be working for all. Though things could change in the future.

Though the clubs likely are guilty of mis-classification of the dancers,

This is undoubtedly true and is a serious mistake on the part of Strip Clubs. Dancers are much better off working as independent contractors but unfortunately many of them don't bother to educate themselves enough to realize that. Those wanting them to be employees go well beyond the lying, thieving lawyers. The thieving union goons also want a piece of their financial ass and don't forget about the thieving governments at all level who want not only their money but to control them.

Beyond the fact that many people would have their hands in the dancers purses it gets worse. Yes maybe they would no longer have to pay house fees and would get at best a minimum wage (much less would be the reality since they would fall under tip based employees). They would also have to show up *every scheduled day* *on-time* or would be subject to being fired for cause without any promised unemployment benefits. The kicker that most dancers don't realize is that they would no longer be entitled to the fruits of their labor. As employees, the money brought in from tips may very likely have to be pooled and split up between all employees. Most importantly LD revenue would no longer be theirs without some prearranged sharing percentage with the club. After all, when a plumbing company hires a plumber that employee is *not* entitled to the service or hourly labor charges from each job that he goes on.

As badly as many dancers are exploited under today's system they seem to have no idea of how bad it would be under a legislated slavery system of becoming legitimate employees. Clubs would profit, lawyers would profit, unions would profit, the governments (local, state, federal) would profit and the dancers would be left sucking hind tit. Hopefully the dancers will educate themselves enough so that whenever some scum-sucking opportunist dancer, lawyer or union goon tries to organize, the dancers will know enough to kick the shit out of these thieving assholes.

The problem really comes down to how greedy the club owners have become. some of the dancers that I have talked with say that the club fees have gotten way out of hand. tip outs to the club, house mama, dj, security and wait staff total almost a $100 a shift in some clubs. add the late fee or leave early fee and it can get totally ridiculous. the clubs are making tons of money off the girls yet won't take any of the financial risks involved in a slow night.


"we do the dirty work for our dancers"