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sofloclubs|1October 242015

Doing the impossible..

SoFloClub JOBS doing the impossible Stripper JOB

We are now in the mobile / device era so when soliciting a job or requesting an interview shouldn't be just in person or via local meetings. We should be able to contact other jobs or locations to work in via these methods also. Well this is what we have been setting up since 2014 a place where any dancer from anywhere in the world can come create a profile and have the website do most of the heavy lifting for them... A website should not only store information it should also be able to communicate with other websites and/or any email account.

When we designed this website we had taken all of these equations into account. meaning that when a dancer fills out our online form that info is not only stored away into a database this information is also forwarded to strip club managers.. the info you provide on register is steadily being promoted throughout our advertising program throughout few dance networks.. the info is being spread around the world wide web, facebook, twitter, linkedin, modelmayhem and many other platforms.

Many have spoken with me via phone conversations my name is Chelsea & My number one priority is to sustain as many strip clubs but only those that are willing to give the dancers an INCENTIVE:

Paid salaries
No house fees
No tip outs
No schedules

Just to name a few of the things we ask for.. so make sure to keep your profiles up to date..

PS. If you have no clue how to sign in simply click on forgot password and the system will send you an email with a new password to the email which you used to communicate with us or the email you used to register.