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sofloclubs|1November 222015

Exotic dancers Lap dancing Exotic Stripper dance JOBS

Exotic dancers Lap dancing Exotic Stripper dance JOBS

Exotic dancer job / Stripper JOBS / Strip Club Employment

Many of us have been exotic dancers for many years giving strip club employment tons of our green dollars never really thinking about the struggle & hustle it took to get that money into your hands to begin with.

Here is a question for Ya...! Would your strip club job ever let you come to work without having to pay them anything "HOUSE MONEY", or Can you imagine leaving the Strip club JOBS without giving that pathetic DJ (who never played your songs) his freaking "TIP-OUT MONEY".

I know that everyone has to make their money and i am fine with that, but why in the world exotic dancers been paying the whole load of staff in strip clubs. Well ladies it's 2015 almost into 2016 new years lets make stripper jobs & Exotic dancer jobs a paid Entertainer job.

And I am an exotic dancer, my name is Chelsea.. I know many of you already via phone chats. Become part of our growing exotic dancers that do get Paid to work, You gets stip club jobs that pays for airfares, housing, and transport. Our agency is the ONLY ONE of it's kind.

You the exotic dancer is our Agency, making sure you are taken care of is number one priority. Not quite to the Featured level yet, but with your help & support builds unity which with persistence, exotic dancers all around the nation will soon be appreciated.

PS. FYI, Gaum & some Vegas clubs pay you to dance. (soon all the United States)

Thank You


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