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sofloclubs|1May 282016

How to ask a customer for adance!

Your Social Skills

Engaging a customer in a polite, lightweight conversation before asking him to dance increases your chances that he will, in fact, spend money on you. It's no different than meeting anyone else in a business situation. Ask them how they are and if they are enjoying themselves, but stay away from questions like these:

  • "Are you married?" (It may just remind them they have a wife and that they should leave.)
  • "What do you do?" (Some people don't see this as a rude question, but when propositioning someone to give you money you shouldn't pry, especially since most people hate their jobs. The only reason I would ask this question is if the gentleman said he was visiting on business.)
  • "Will you buy me a drink?" (Come on now! You know better than that! Only take what is offered because the gentleman may be offended by how rude you are and decide not to take you for a dance. If you ask for a drink, be assured you just traded a cocktail for 3 or 4 dances in the back room. Good job, moron.)
  • "Do you have children?" (His daughter is probably your age, so don't remind him. If he does bring children into the conversation, remember to keep it light and polite.)

Remember, you can ask every customer in the room to take you for a dance and one or two might actually take you for a song, but if you put extra effort into a five minute conversation, the gentleman will be more inclined to spend more time with you. Take the time to get a gentleman to relate to you personally, like your spirit, and pay for an hour up front. CHA-CHING!