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sofloclubs|1October 182015

Minimum wage, Weekly salary, Commission based, Contracted work ect!

When we speak of getting paid by a strip club often our minds can't wrap around it due to the way it sound or because we so a custom to having it the other way around.. Dancers have been paying strip clubs to come work for decades now, only few strip clubs pays their dancers a salary type wage suprisingly none in the USA have ever done so.

Just recently a dancer (friend or mines) announced that a strip club in vegas was paying her to be there. This opened my mindset to wonder if I could get a Florida strip club to pay dancers. With that thought in mind I checked online and guess what I found promoters jobs. Strip clubs right here searching for promoter to bring dancers to the clubs offering money in exchange & perks!

Well now we update You with our first Floridian strip club that will pay up to $50.oo and NO house fees. Yes ladies NO house fees in Florida strip club.. and even $50.oo to do as you like..

Contact Chelsea if you would like a chance to dance in a strip club without house fees.

Thank You