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sofloclubs|1January 042015

No House fees and or No Tip-Outs

No House fees and or No Tip-Outs

New years, heck we are now in 2016 only 4 years away from 2020 and here they are still charging dancers to come shake our booties so the strip clubs can have customers come in and spend money to drink but guess what if We were not there these customers might buy one beer and leave so by providing dancers, strippers, exotic entertainers or what ever you state calls you the customers stay longer and spend more money not necessary on the dancers.

Many customer go into clubs just for the environment (Naked women dancing) and truly spend any money on any dances.

My point and also my mission is to have these strip clubs recognize this and start to provide different types of ways to keep dancers in employment for longer periods of time.

SoFloClubs dancers all get paid or the strip clubs will waive your House fees and/or Tip outs. SoFloClubs is one of the very few Dance Agency that does this type of contracts for the dancers, Strippers, exotic entertainers.

If you would like to become one of our dancers, simply regster to the website and I will contact you with the info you provide the website is fully secured.

Thank You

Chelsea (786) 766-0322