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sofloclubs|1August 142016

SoFloClubs NO Fakes Policy

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YES, we said it right. Our agency has a ZERO talerance toward fake accounts.

Through our expience a website should not have fake accounts this only degrades the quality & makes the site looks cheap or unattended.

SoFloClubs is unique when it come to the exotic dancer industry. Our services has always been FREE since we get paid by all our partner strip clubs meaning their is no need to ask any dancer for MONEY or percentage of their money.

How we said earlier we are one of the few if NOT the only agency that truely never takes money from dancers. We teach & educate new dancers that in the industry you can get air plane flights and be accomodated in many exotic clubs around the world.

So, if we let fake accounts in our website user will only think that this is one of those over night agencies. SoFloClubs takes pride in everything even so our website, so please if your account is not completed please do fill it out.

Would hate to see you go but business is business.

Thank You