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sofloclubs|1December 082015

Strip Club Auditions

strip club auditions - Stripper employment

Auditioning for a strip club is very simple the hard part is to locate a good strip club that fits your style of dancing, a strip club that works with the dancers and not the clientele.

Many strip clubs assume to be helping the dancers but truth is that most strip club seriously only worry about the clients and not the dancers.

I know You have experienced it at some time in your career. At SoFloClubs we take care of just that, we place many dancers into strip clubs for auditioning first thing we do is try find out what the dancers are like then we offer you a TOUR not just a JOB we make sure you make money by never being the regular dancer.

Yet to make every dancer to a FEATURE but can say that we do have many clubs offering our dancers to be paid to show up! So, if you are in a strip club that no longer takes care of their dancers you can always try out SoFloClubs! We do not book you as a worker but a a traveling dancers, this way you can come and go as you like from the strip club. Our tours can be to one club like it can be to most of our clubs.

SoFloClubs JOBS don't feel any dancer should have to become a employee strip clubs are for making money not staff members!

SO if this is your situation please do not hesitate to contact me Chelsea