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Strip Clubs Stages

Strip Clubs


The stage can be a dangerous place to be when you’re wearing stilettos. Especially if it is the first time you’ve gotten up on this particular stage. You need to watch for holes in the floor, speakers that are hanging low enough to bang your head on them, hanging wires from the lighting, and slippery or sticky spots where you step.

Stages with floor lighting are quite slippery in spots. An otherwise safe stage can become hazardous after a performance with candles or oils. Don’t feel bad if you need to walk off a stage and explain to the DJ that it is too slippery to perform on.

Stages that are covered in carpet can be difficult to dance on in heels. It takes a bit of getting used to. Your heels may snag on torn parts of the carpet, so be careful.

Don’t allow customers to place their drinks or belongings on the edge of the stage, where you might trip over them. If a customer is belligerent and you feel safe enough to do it, simply take the item away and put it at the back of the stage until the end of your show.

In Florida and some other places, it is customary for dancers to engage in activities with audience while on stage. Sometimes this  done to tip the performer for her standard performance. Other times, a performer may play games with the audience so they can win posters and other promotional items and they have good time. This practice can be for most part to celebrate a bacheolor party, or if the customer is making birthday, the perfomers is always in full control with no touching involved by the customer.