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sofloclubs|1September 222016

Types of Strippers JOBS | Exotic dancer JOB

We are young fast- growing USA Exotic dancer agency for strippers, go-go dancing, hostesses and nowadays also for XXX models, and erotic show porn stars.

We cooperate with high class gentlemen's strip clubs pretty much all over the USA specializing mostly on Florida Strip clubs. We also cooperate with an international model agencies, hostess agencies and photographers.

Internet is such a great place for people to meet and fulfill their work wishes, SoFloClubs is proud to give you a unique chance in exotic dance and XXX model art field. This is a cyber space where people meet their desires, we only take care for the right people. Money rules the world, so why not start earning NOW.

Take a look and become well paid stripper / exotic traveling dancer in Florida, watching men admiring you from your head to your toes. Not a stripper type? Get your picture portfolio listed and become XXX hostess or XXX photo model instead. Never say never, fight for your dream because everything you can imagine can be real, you just need to work hard.

Work in all strip clubs listed on this website is for adult people it is fully legal with work contract and work permission (if necessary).

Strip clubs:

club where you earn money on exotic striptease performance where at the end of the song you take your clothes off and you stay nude.

Topless clubs:

Club where you earn money on exotic striptease performance where at the end of the song you take your top-bra off , panties stay on.

Go-go night club:

You perform exotic dancing in a very sexy outfit, costume and high heels or platform shoes and you tease people with pure body moves and great exotic dance, you do not take any clothes off.

Cabaret gentlemen's club:

Is the type of night club especially for mature clients where you should be dress up sexy but elegant (long evening dress) high heels and your main work description is to sell fine champagne and keep nice and comfortable company for your client, well language skills are required.

XXX Hostess:

Is a model type, dressed nice, sexy but elegant work as a special assistant on any kind of festivals, events, (for example on adult festivals, XXX fashion festival).

XXX Photo models:

For acts, topless, portrait, shooting commercials specially for sex business: eg. champagne cards, clubs, fairs, events, posters, XXX nude calendars, XXX sex magazines and others.

XXX Erotic shows:

Special kind of exotic performance held is some strip clubs, where you are considered as a special guest doing sexy thematic show for 20 min. in thematic costume, platform shoes, using light effects and also accessories like ice, candles, scarves, hand cuffs, whipped cream.

XXX Erotic festivals and erotic fairs:

Special XXX sex events held in different cities all over the USA where people come to see XXX live sex shows held by well known XXX porn stars, very good stripper shows, XXX erotic shootings, XXX workshops, lesbian duo live shows, live XXX porn shootin.

Topless hostessing:

Events or special parties where dacners are normally working as topless waitresses or are just participating on events as a topless assistants, depends on a type of event.

Body buffet:

Is very interesting show specially held in restaurants or high class events, where you are normally naked, your body is covered in see thru cellophane and food is served on your body: for example sushi, this is becoming very posh and wanted.

Drink hostess or champagne girl:

Your main work is to keep company and sell drinks in strip clubs and night club, you do not dance and perform at all.


Since this is sexy and elegant business where big money is included and spent, clients in their own limos and private jets are your clients - you are required to have nice pictures for your presentation, take good care of your body, hair, make-up, nails dresses, shoes and language skills.

What is amazing about this business is that you get to explore whole world and be paid for it, being picked up from the airport when you land, live in low cost apartments of any posh city, meet posh people and on the top you get paid well for it!