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sofloclubs|1June 142017

Unprofessional behavior


It is often assumed that the strip club owners / managers will be the "problem" that the exotic dancer needs to deal with.

You regularly hear that the evil strip club owner / manager is in the employer / power position and may exploit the exotic dancers in any of a number of ways. They will want to date her or cross boundaries and ask for some kind of favor that will leave the exotic dancer not comfortable with.

I find that the solution in 99% of the cases is clarity BEFORE the Employment. You have to read between the lines. Don't hire a exotic dancer for a nude strip clubs if she has not done nude dancing before. You KNOW she won't be comfortable -- why push it? There are plenty of other dancers who are comfortable with what you want.

SoFloClubs always email extensively to be SURE all exotic dancers know exactly what they are getting into, what kind of dances, what style, what level of nudity, etc. This solves many problems. What it does not solve is the improper (even criminal) behavior on the part of some exotic dancers.

SoFloClubs has worked with dancers who were total professionals -- AMAZING -- a joy to work with who were creative and collaborative and added so much to the end results. I have also worked with enthused dancers who were just there for the money -- like picking a dead fish at the market (but We always take risks when hiring a new dancer you have not worked with before.)

The dancers who watch the clock and just want cash that's a creative wet blanket . And worse --  working with dancers who are there for their own good times, doing drugs while the clubs try to get things set up.

What's the strip club owners / managers to do?

They've already paid the dancers airfares and I need to get work hours out of them?

Do I "fire" the exotic dancer I've already paid because they are a coke-head? Or do I try to muddle through an unfocused mess of a JOB?

It's just too easy to always cast the CLUBS / AGENCIES as the "bad guys" and I am sure there are many creepy owners / managers out there calling themselves strip club bosses. But the behavior of many - MANY - of the dancers out here is not snow white perfection either.

There are just as many screwy fallible human dancers out here as club owners / managers. It's important to realize that there are many kinds of unprofessional behavior and you can find it in dancers, owners, managers, even the pizza delivery guy who shows up two hours late.

These are the challenges that make creative life interesting. If you can't handle it, you can always go work at a Starbucks.