Welcome to Wonderland Miami…The Ultimate Gentlemen’s Club

Wonderland is an upscale, adult entertainment playground that embraces the excitement of Miami nightlife, exotic dancers, and full friction entertainment.

Noted as one of the best gentlemen's clubs in Miami, Wonderland offers an unforgettable experience. Multiple VIP areas, spacious private dance rooms, and ultra skybox suites fill the newly-renovated 15,000-SF venue. With a seamless blend of luxury and comfort, Wonderland is the perfect destination for interacting with the city’s most stunning women, arriving from all over the world.

The perfect place for any agenda, from relaxing with a drink after work, to watching a variety of sports, Wonderland caters to the desires of every guest. Settle in for an evening of discreet, exotic entertainment while enjoying fine dining options. A gourmet kitchen is open late with a menu designed to satisfy any craving.

Wonderland is the ultimate choice for a guys’ (or ladies) night out. Ideal for bachelor parties or other celebrations, bottle service and private parties are available.

Located 15 minutes from South Beach, in the heart of the Upper Eastside.

Wonderland is open Mon – Fri 6pm – 5am; Sat + Sun 8pm -5am.

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Wonderland Strip club in Miami Florida

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Dancing Info
Wonderland No particular name, Just contact the phone number. 305.697.4769 Hiring Caucasians Hiring Afro Americans Hiring Hispanics Hiring Orientals Hiring Europeans Hiring Mixed raced DJ & House Mom Fees Apply. All fees adds up to less than $100.00 All fees adds up to more than $50.00 Strip Club don't provide housing - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide transportation - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide travel expenses - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide online auditions - Only w/SoFloClubs.
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  • This strip club is mostly Caucasian dancers.
  • 3 shifts, Opens everyday, View site for hours.
  • Club has over 100 dancers on schedules.
  • Apply within club or w/sofloclubs contracted dancer.