Do I need to upload photos to get the JOB?

I'm afraid of putting photos online would I need them in order to get the audition / job?

I do understand that most of You have other JOBS or Families to which you would never like to hurt, by posting sexy or nude photos online.

In order for you to get a JOB in a Strip Club Yes You upload photos of You unto the website. SoFloClubs is a very secured website simply make sure that you or on https:// & not http://.

Our website is secured by Godaddy and I will never share ANY info with third party websites. So yes I do require that all dancers upload photos it will be very hard to find a strip club employment without knowing how you look first hand.

I do also have an online chat room specifically for dancers like yourself, By auditioning for me online will provide a way for you to NOT upload any photos of yourself.