What type of photos should I send You?

Want to know the BEST WAY to join our team? Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. A. No Selfie Pictures This helps us weed out amateurs because industry professionals have quality photos.
  2. B. Have a friend take a full body picture of you in a swimsuit/lingerie.
  3. C. Explain how you perform.
  4. D. Tell us you ethnicity or nationality.
  5. E. Describe your experience with other stripping agencies and why you like us.
  6. F. Send in your photo like the girl on the left. (make it count!)
Hire StrippersStripper Job Application

Please send CLEAR and RECENT photos of both your face and body. Body shots should preferably be in bikini or lingerie. Remember that selfies are OK as long as they are clear and not taken from above.