Why does your website always changing, modifing, and/or timimg out?

Our Platform as you call it website. SoFloClubs is not just a website, we use one of the best if not the best CMS scripts out on the market.

is like a WordPress on steroids, meaning it's way bigger and smarter too.

About our Changes we do: Our Platform is always evolving so we do to.. Many themes get outdated so we are obligated to make these changes as well.

About the modifying that goes on: Everyday we get dozens of accounts being made by users that DO NOT use the platform so we are always working hard to make sure all the content is NEVER being use or seen by anyone online.

So we at SoFloClubs MODIFY many things regularly so those craving access can NEVER get in.

And about our platform Timing out: Few months ago we had a shared hosting Today we operate off our own servers hosted at Go-daddy still but we are NO longer on shared hosting. This is why many experienced time outs some times when you logged into the platform.

This will never become an issue again since we have moved our Platform onto a saleable network of servers.

Also keep in mind that we always ask our users for any requests that they feel might help better us in any way, we will always take it into our development for consideration, another reason why do the things we do!