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Stripper Advise 1 on 1

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At most clubs you walk around and ask the customers if they'd like a private dance (or lap dance depending on the club). Some clubs just have stage dancing. Often there is a private area that you can go for a dance. Be careful, though, the dim lights and the privacy tend to make the guys a little frisky. Not in a bad or scary way just in a way that may need to be corrected.

How To Avoid Drama With Strip Club Management

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The number one thing you can do to avoid problems at your work place is to know the laws of your state and the rules of the house you work at. If you have questions, don’t put off getting the answers and if you can’t talk to a manager, write them down. You can ask the girls, but you run the risk of misinformation. Many times clubs try to impose new rules to make the club run better so its always best to get your questions answered by who ever is in charge.

How To Avoid Drama With The Strip Club Disc Jockey

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Regarding the DJ – If you’re going to request music, it is extremely important to remember to tip accordingly. Every club is different so the appropriate amount will vary. Usually there is a ‘minimum’ tip out amount that is due the end of the shift. It’s a good idea to ask management and then a few girls how much to tip extra. This is the second most important relationship you’ll have in the club so make sure you take care of them. From time to time, you’ll need them to skip you on the rotation so you can do more dances, use the restroom, or give you more time to get ready for your shift.

How To Become A Stripper Part 2

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How to Become a Stripper


  • Don’t give your phone number or real name to customers, or other dancers. They could give away your phone number to clients. It just isn’t safe. Be your persona and *if* you must, have a cell phone that you ONLY use for stripping.
  • If you accept a customer’s offer to do a private show in their home, ask if you can bring a friend over, just in case. I don’t believe in this ’service’. It’s never worth the risk.
  • Make sure to follow the laws for dancing.

Choosing The Best Stripper Name Tips for New Strippers

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Tips on how to pick a stripper name

Bambi. Coco. Mercedes. Beth.

So… what does your name say about you? What do you want your name to convey? What’s with the questions? It’s just a frikin’ name right?

When choosing a name one must not forget that it is one of the first things you will say to a customer. It can be a great marketing tool if you keep a few things in mind.